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Tanuki Sunset Unblocked


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Game Description

Tanuki Sunset Unblocked

Tanuki Sunset Unblocked is a captivating 3D skateboarding game featuring a cool and adventurous raccoon named Tanuki. The game takes players on a relaxing yet thrilling ride down winding roads set in beautiful sunset landscapes. Players guide Tanuki on his longboard, performing tricks, dodging obstacles, and collecting points along the way. The game is known for its retro-style graphics, chill vibes, and smooth gameplay, making it a hit among players who enjoy casual and immersive skating experiences.

How to Play

The main objective in Tanuki Sunset is to skate as far as possible while collecting points and performing stunts. Players must navigate through various obstacles, such as cars and barriers, and can increase their score by doing tricks and collecting bonus items. The game also includes a shop where points can be spent on upgrades and new boards.

Game Controls

  • Arrow Keys or WASD: Steer the skateboard.
  • Space Bar: Drift and perform tricks.
  • Esc Key: Pause the game and access the menu.

Tips and Tricks

Tanuki Sunset Unblocked
  1. Master Drifting: Drifting around corners helps maintain speed and control.
  2. Collect Points: Stay alert for point multipliers and bonus items to maximize your score.
  3. Use the Whole Road: Switch between lanes to avoid obstacles and collect items.
  4. Practice Tricks: Experiment with different tricks to find the best ways to earn extra points.

Game Developer

Tanuki Sunset was developed by Rewind Games, known for creating visually appealing and enjoyable indie games with unique gameplay mechanics.

Game Platforms

Tanuki Sunset Unblocked is primarily available on web platforms and can be played through internet browsers. This makes it easily accessible on various devices, especially in environments like schools or offices where access to game downloads might be restricted.